Complete financing for solid real estate projects in Denmark

In Corporation with our partners, Fundbricks is often capable of delivering complete financing to solid real estate projects in Denmark. This applies to both more senior-, but also junior financing. It is done without any form for personal liability.

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Access to capital.

Easy and quick access to financing through our network of more than +3.000 investors.

No personal liability.

Security is required as a share mortgage in the project company. If necessary, security is additionally possible with a mortgage in the real estate construction project

Quick process.

Rapid initiation and execution of fundraising after qualification of the project.

Easy access to potential buyers.

Access to sales platform for quick marketing and sale of projects during and after construction


Competent partners

Do what you do best. This is something which characterizes both Fundbricks as well as our partners. Fundbricks is best for financing real estate projects in Denmark via crowdlending. All of our partners are likewise the best at what they do, regardless of field or industry.

Screening process

We require you to complete the real estate project

The following list is not exhaustive and merely shows a selction of the essential requirements for a real estate project to be approved.

Profit margin more than 20%

When all costs, including financing costs, are taken into account, the expected selling price must be at least 20% higher.

Two independent assessed valuations

Two assessed valuations from local independent brokers. This is done in order to secure the expected profit margin and thereby the solidity of the project.

Approval of construction expert

The real estate project is screened by an independent construction expert to make a "sanity check" on e.g. prices, methods, selection of materials, etc.

New project company

The project, including any building rights, etc., must be transferred to a newly established and unencumbered ("clean") project company with a simple ownership structure.

Fit and proper

Fit and proper. As far as possible, we also do background checks of all parties involved in order to ensure that our investors can sleep safely at night.

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